Your ASA running licence is due for renewal. Licences will be handed out at time trials or at most races in Pretoria on Saturdays.


Full Year
1st Member R450.00
2nd Member/Pensioner/Student R400.00
Junior (under 19) R230.00
Social member R200.00


2023 licences expire on 31 January 2024, although there may be a grace period if the distribution of licences is delayed. We expect to hand out licences starting in February 2024.

The good news is: With the new ASA electronic registration system, joining or renewing should require no more than 10 minutes of your time. There is no paperwork. You don't even need to leave your computer, so you can complete the process right now, before you get up from your chair.

The process is simple and quick for those that register in December and January. The stragglers can no longer get their previous licence numbers back, as we only have a limited selection of numbers available. We have to re-issue unused numbers from the end of January.

Step 1: Register with Athletics South Africa

Fill in the Athletics South Africa registration form: 2023 ASA Registration Form.

Important: If you were registered with ASA last year and nothing has changed, you do not need to re-register with ASA. Things that may have changed: addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts and medical aid. If nothing has changed, skip to Step 2.


Sign in to the ASA Web registration system. The system is fairly self-explanatory, but here are step-by-step instructions if you need them:

If you are already registered on the system, you'll receive an error message if you try to register. Simply select the Login tab, log in and select the Edit My Details tab. You can now verify that all your details are correct.

If you have trouble logging in, there may be a problem with your password. You can ask the Agape registrar to change your password. Once you've logged in, you can change your password again to suit yourself.

ASA has even more elaborate instructions if you need them.

Step 2: Fill in the Agape form

Fill in the Agape Registration Form: English Registration Form

That's it for Step 3, unless you've had problems.

Step 3: Email Forms

E-Mail both ASA and Agape Registration forms to

Step 4: Pay your fee

Make a Bank payment or Arrange with Registrar to Pay
Deposit your fee directly into the Club account:

Agape Athletics Club, ABSA 2310140522, Branch 632005.

Use your licence number, surname and intials (e.g. AGN123 Smith JQ) as reference. If you are applying for membership and you don't have a licence number, you can add "New" (e.g. New Smith JQ).

Your fee could be anywhere between R 200 and R 420. If you are uncertain about the fees, check at the top of this page.

Electronic deposits are preferred, but if you insist on using cash, you can make a manual deposit at any branch of ABSA bank. Please ensure that the correct reference is included on the deposit.

Please make sure you use an accurate reference so that we can identify the owner correctly. Something like "Agape Membership" is not very helpful...

Step 5:Collect your number

Once the payment has been recorded on the bank statements and your form has been received, the licence will be available for collection.

Licences are available from your local time trial or at selected races.

Important note: If you do not renew timeously, we may allocate your number to someone else. Agape is one of few clubs with short numbers. If you don't renew timeously, you may get a number like AGN1847436.

Non-routine transactions

If you really, really do not have access to a computer, please ask a friend to help you. All the friend needs is an Internet-connected computer or smartphone. You don't even need to be present. Just answer their questions on the phone.

In exceptional cases, the registrar can assist. Please send an email to the address below.

Membership Enquiries and Support Requests: